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Back in July, my husband bought a cell phone straight out, that requires no payment plan from Sprint, in which we have been long time customers of. Right off the bat, instead of porting my husbands number to his new phone, they crossed lines and ended up porting my husbands number to our daughters phone, and crossing their lines, so we had to fight with them over 3 different calls, as well as go to a corporate store twice "ridiculous right," before we got their lines recrossed and back to normal.

Now fast forward to August, in which we received a bill form Sprint showing that we owed more than twice what we normally owe on our bill. Upon calling Sprints joke of a customer service line, they stated that my husbands, as well as our daughters phone, whom still has here same phone and never got a new one, were both on the easy pay plan, as well as they were both charged activation fees. We have been fighting with Sprint since, to get this problem fixed. Supposedly after bouncing between calling their customer service line, as well as going back and forth from their corporate store.

they supposedly "fixed this problem" and credited us money owed. If so, we never saw the "credits, and adjustments" on our end! In October they sent us a bill stating that we were behind on a payment, and if we did not pay immediately, we were going to have our phones, we have 4 of them shut off immediately. Our bill was roughly around $500 dollars.

when we called them to see what the problem was, why our bill was so high, they could not explain why, and that they would look into it. The next day, our cell phones were cut off, so we were forced to pay them the 500 dollars that we supposedly owed, to get our phones turned back on. Upon paying this, we were shocked to find that when our bill arrived in September, Sprint showed us now owing $600 dollars. How is this possible?

Here we go again, back and fourth between the so called customer service twits, and the corporate store. This time around, the supervisor at the corporate store recommended that we call the customer care number and demand to speak to whoever is in charge of account services. Yeah, we tried this, and we are so sick of explaining this situation to outsourced employees who barely speak english, or have accents so thick, that you cannot understand them, or low rank employees in general, that have no power to do anything, except to just transfer us to the next person on up, that now, we demand to go to whoever the top person is that is currently in charge, who ever that is at the time. However, if we do this, and do not explain this to them, before getting to a higher person, we either get disconnected, or blocked, from going over their heads, which I am sure they are well trained to do.

So this usually results in either them, or us getting extremely frustrated and hanging up. After months of this, and too many hours to count of wasted time, on the phone, or in the store, supposedly they had people working on solving this problem, yeah right! In November, upon Sprint still insisting that we owe them over $600 for unexplained reasons, we once again called the customer care line. The "Supervisor" that we supposedly spoke to this time, no matter how hard we try, we can never get them same person.

Hmm! Stated that the issue was that they accidentally credited some one elses account, making it look like we missed a payment. This should not be our problem you would think, right! Wrong!

they wanted us to comb through our bank statements from July on, to show proof that we made these payments, so they can figure out what month it was that this happened. So after going back, and combing through months of bank accounts statements, we printed them out and submitted them to Sprint. When we called back a few days later to see if this problem was finally resolved, The person that we spoke with did not have a clue of what we were talking about, of course not! Why should they!

Their were no notes on their end etc. When my husband and I, gave them the name and date of the supervisor that we spoke with, they said that that person was not a supervisor, and was not authorized to do that, but they would look through our bank statements for us anyways, and told us to call back in a few days. Now here it is December, and we just got our new bill for what is now almost $700 dollars. Ridiculous!

Since December first, my husband and I, have once again stupidly bounced between the call center, and the corporate store. Now Sprint is telling us that we are behind on a bill for somewhere between February of last year, and now. Impossible! They know *** well that our service would have been beyond disconnected by now.

So last week, I printed out bank statements that showed every payment that we have made for the last 2 years, just two be safe, and absolutely not one single payments was missing. You would think that this would be more than enough proof for them to resolve this issue. especially since we made a $500 dollar payment in October, in which they technically owe us money for right! Wrong!

Last night we called customer care again, to see if maybe this time this issue was finally cleared up, and nope! Not only is Sprint stating that after all of this, they still have no idea what the problem is wow, but now they have said that if we do not pay the full amount "we owe" by tomorrow evening, the almost$700, that we will be shut off again. I cannot believe the amount of low IQ people that they have working at Sprint, apparently in all departments on up to corporate level. Forest Gump, could have easily seen the extremely obvious evidence, and fixed this problem by now!

I regret leaving our last cell phone provider, and will gladly go back to them. Maybe Sprint will have better luck, hiring apes to work for them, I am sure that they will be a lot more intelligent then the people that they have currently working for them. My husband and I are both, physically and emotionally drained by this ordeal. We severely regret getting involved with such a corrupt, and dishonest company such as Sprint!

As I type this, my husband is currently on the phone with them disconnecting our service. Bon voyage Sprint!

We hope to see you again, in a billion dollar class action suit against you one day! it will be will deserved!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "poor customer service, and problem with payments" of sprint cell phone activation and associated monetary loss in the amount of $700. Sprint needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Make sure you do not pay them anymore money. You should never have paid the $500 if you didn't agree you owed it.


Good luck on this. We dumped Sprint a few years ago due to a similar situation.

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