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We received service from Sprint for two cell phones for myself and my husband. Everymonth our bill is way over what we were told we would be billed.

We made sure we were not going over minutes or using any services not in our contract. With them they are billing us in advance and would turn off our service with it being a few days late of the due date. They charged over 100.00 in internet charges on my husbands phone when he was not even able to go onto the internet.

They are one of the most expensive cell phone services out there and we didn't even get service where we moved to but they told us we would get charged a fee for cancellation. So we have a contract for phones we cannot necessarily use.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sprint Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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I just recently got rid of my service with Sprint, I switch a phone number over to another carrier and canceled the other phone. They told me of the charges that was going to happen was for the phone I canceled, the other charges dropped for the phone that was switched since it was 10 days into the service.

Now the sent me a bill for a full month of service charges for the phone I switched the number to the other company, I see no need to charge someone for service they never have as in a full month for 10days of service. I have no contract it was up months ago, plus I was an elite cust with unlimited everything for 2 phones.

I have talked to sprint multiple times, but they refuse to adjust the bill. I need to do something, since I never had a full month of service.

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