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My name is Linda and I have had an account with Sprint since like 2003. I just added 1 phone to my plan and changed it to the Power Pack plan. I set this up in April of 07'. Since then I have had nothing but problem after problem with their service. I have been over charged every month by this company and I am so sick of this. I have to call you every month, and every month they tell me my plan is fixed. Every month i get the bill I am back to square one. I called last month (dec 07') for which I was hoping was for the FINAL time to fix these issues. But again, Sprint screwed it up and didn't make any changes at all. They didn't even put any notes in their system so it seems I haven't spoken to them at all. WTF is up with that? I had to call 3 times to get them to send the bill to the correct person and I just started getting the bills in september. I spoke to a supervisor today (1/20/2008) And he sent our problem to a dept that searches our account history. I should not have to wait 5-10 days for this issue to be resolved. I do not want to have to pay a cancellation fee as this is SPRINT's fault, I am having these issues in the first place. I have emailed the Better Business Bureau in order to get these problems fixed. I have put up with this *** for a year and with all these inconveniences and I am not putting up with it another year. I expect Sprint to be a little more accommodating in this matter than their customer service reps are, as again it is THEIR FAULT! I just want everything to be correct every month, so I may pay my bill and not have to spend an hour and a half on the phone with their clearly incompetent customer service staff. I gave them 72 hours to call me back but like them I changed my mind and just went ahead and filed the report with the Better business bureau. I was supposed to get a credit of $160 which brought my account to $0, now I am getting a bill for $391.81 when the bill should MUCH LOWER THAN THAT. I have remained calm for almost a year now, but my patience with SPRINT is starting to wear.

If I have to pay this $391.81 I will be very, very....What's the word I am looking for......Is there one worse than pissed ?

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